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Beautiful two skiers video...

"My name is Matt - and this is Valerio. In the Fall of 2018, we went to South America to chase big lines and first descents throughout the Andes. But the truth is, that's a whole lot easier said than done"    

Soulvans in Lonely Planet:

If you need to start or end your trip in Puerto Montt, we will to pick up or to leave you at the Airport or Bus Terminal. If exceptionally we can not pick up you or leave you, in such a case, the indication is the following:

From Airport take a taxi, go to 20 meters "Escuela Lagunitas" bus stop, turn to the right to "Olegario Francke" street (small gravel street), 100 meters you will see your campervan.

From Bus Terminal: you must to get a bus "Los Muermos" city , 30 minutes travel, ask the auxiliary man to leave you in "Escuela Lagunitas bus stop", turn left, walk down "Olegario Francke street"

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine

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Campervan Rental

SOULVANS Camper Punta arenas

SOULVANS Camper Puerto montt

We are located in office of our company partner "Adel Rent a Car", are located in Pdte. Pedro Montt street, number 962, Punta Arenas downtown. 

All service connected with Punta Arenas, announce  preferably two days in advance

Contact in Punta Arenas: Mr. Gerson Reyes whatsapp number +56998827569,