Campervan Rental

Tour North Chile - Coast, Surf, Desert and Geysers (7-21 days)

If you just have a week it is better to renta campervan and go up to La Serena/Valle del Elqui and enjoy the beaches between La Serena and Antofagasta - unless you want to end your campervan rental in Antofagasta. In 14 or more days you can go up north and visit San Pedro de Atacama. In 7 days we do not recommend this although it would be possible. Depending if you want to head on to Peru you can leave your camper van with us in Antofagasta or take a flight back. The perfect travel time is from November-March (+shoulder seasons). Watch out: January and February are school vacations in Chile, so some places might be quite crowded. 

Tour South Chile - Vulcanos, Lakes and Forests (7-14 days)

If you have little time you can just go until Pucón and skip the rest. Or you rush with the campervan around :) The perfect rental time is from December-April. Watch out: January and February are school vacations in Chile, so some places might be quite crowded. Travelling in a camper during other month is also possible, just to be prepared for rainfalls and take warm clothes with you.. 

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Due to its lengths, Chile is the perfect country for a campervan rental and a road trip. Going up to Atacama desert or far south to see the lake district – each season has spectacular destinations. 

First of all, Chile is a quite safe country, so no matter where you would like to stay it will be possible. However due to our experience let us give you a few recommendations:

  1. If you are traveling in a camper on the Panamericana, best is to stay at a Copec or Shell, if you don´t want to leave the highway. They do have parking spots for trucks, which are quieter and you will always find a space for a campervan. Also you can have an insight in the Chilean trucker world :) Furthermore you will have a bathroom, showers and an immediate hot coffee in the morning ;)
  2. If you stay in the nature in your campervan, make sure there is a "natural bathroom" close and you don´t stay with the campervan at risky sites like next to a cliff. In general make sure there is less incline as possible as it will be more comfortable to sleep.
  3. If you stay in a town, it is always good to find a safe place like in front of a building with a guardian. Also watch out for a place which serves you as a restroom. Do not stay in lonely/industrial streets or in rather poor areas with your campervan. 

We are happy to help out with our personal experience related to road trips in Chile and suggestions in case that you need some input!

In order to protect our environment in Chile, keep it clean and prevent forest fires: please collect your garbage and toilet paper and in case of staying at the countryside dig a hole.


Tour Santiago and Surroundings - Beach, Culture and Vines (5-7 days)

​Doing this tour is possible all year long. 


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